Top 10 things to consdier when Naming Your Business


Naming your business is not as easy as it first seems. When you simply start to realize that you want a name that you are going to still love in a few years from now, a name that is still relevant to the industry and its audience today and in the future, uncertainty starts to weigh in on the descion process and what once seemed so easy, now seems momentous. Don't worry, we have your back! We've made the process easier by taking the time to list out the top 10 things to consider before choosing a name for your business or brand...

And here they are and in no particular order of importance...

  1. Choose a name that your customers can easily spell

  2. Choose a name that is easy for your customers to pronounce

  3. Choose a name that is easy for your customers to remember

  4. Search a domain registrar website like or, to see if your domain name is available

  5. Choose only a domain with the “.com” extension as most people default to use dot com if they don’t remember the alternate domain extension.

  6. Are there any commonly misspelled versions of your name? If so, you may want to purchase these domain versions as well and have these domains redirect traffic to your main website just to ensure you capture all searches and traffic that was targeting your business.

  7. Make sure to pick a name that you can actually trademark.

  8. Use a name for your domain that has meaning and conveys a benefit to the reader.

  9. Consider longevity, industry trends, the mission, etc… Select a domain name for your business that you will still like years from now.

  10. Consider SEO and check the names keyword weight using a keyword tool. Research your industry’s top keywords and try to include at least one in your domain name for better results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Still having trouble choosing a name?

You can always hire us and our Business Naming Service. In 48-hours after ordering, we'll supply you with a list of names that meet all of the above criteria increasing your chances of finding that perfect name for your business or brand. Get us started and working for your business today. Contact us.

Matt Voore