WordPress Speed Optimization

Dramatically improve the speed and reliability for your business website site and keep visitors from bouncing. Average Website Speed & Reliability Improvement of Over 75%

WordPress Database Optimization

Your site’s database is basically a giant library.  When your site is new, everything is neatly organized, easy to find, and fast to retrieve.  But as time goes on, you discover that the librarian is a big-time hoarder.  Junk books that nobody will use are still on the shelves, the most popular books are strewn randomly across the back of the library, and the index hasn’t been up to date in years.  Since every WordPress page load involves retrieving specific information from your database, it’s crucial that the database is in order.  Once we clean house and fire the librarian, your site will suddenly take a notable turn for the better.

WordPress Image Optimization

When your typical cell phone camera has enough horsepower to plaster half a wall with a high res photo, it’s no shock that your typical website home page is bigger than an average MP3 file.  And considering that there is next to no visible difference between a 1mb image and a 100kb image on your home page, there’s just no reason to use images of that size.  By simply matching your website with the image size it needs, we can often cut your site’s home page size in half which will have a major impact on speed – particularly for those mobile visitors.

Advanced Caching Installed & Configured

With more responsibility comes more overhead.  Whether that responsibility comes in the form of more functionality (like e-commerce) or more traffic, if WordPress has more to manage, it’s critical that even the finer details of the site are appropriately cached for the site to run like a well oiled machine.  With advanced caching, we dive deeper into the internals of your site with database query, object, and even more advanced page and browser caching to make sure that every part of the site is fine tuned to maximize your existing hosting resources.

Standard Source Code Optimization

Your typical website’s front end code is a lot like your average meeting – filled with people that don’t need to be there and large pockets of useless banter.  A good meeting focuses on an objective, and cuts-out the useless crap.  Your website works the same way.  By eliminating unnecessary requests from your site’s page load and reducing the size of the typical code file that loads on your site, your visitors are able to spend less time waiting for the site to load and more time interfacing with your business.

WooCommerce Speed Optimization Support

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce systems in the world thanks to its ease of use and integration with WordPress.  But as with all e-commerce software, as your site grows in sales, products, and traffic, more and more horsepower is needed to keep up with an increasing pile of information that it has to manage just to keep the sales rolling in.  And it’s often no more noticeable just how direct an impact speed has on your business than with e-commerce as sales drop noticeably with each second.  But by reorganizing the database to more effectively manage the data on hand, you can get back to the sane site speeds you expect from your website.

Details of WordPress Speed Optimization Service

  • A complete Basic Optimization

  • Advanced page caching

  • Advanced browser caching (ETags, gzip compression)

  • Object and/or database query caching

  • WooCommerce config optimization (if applicable)

  • InnoDb database conversion and slow query optimization

  • Database index additions, integrity optimization/repair

  • Database junk removal

  • Image optimization

  • HTML, CSS, JS minification (if possible)

  • File combination for CSS and JS files (if possible)

  • JavaScript processing deferment (if possible)

  • Removal of query strings for static files

  • WP 404 handling for static files

  • Detection of slow plugins or 3rd party scripts

  • WordPress configuration optimization (memory, cron)

Average Speed Improvement of 75% and Website’s Overall Responsiveness After Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services.